Major Doctrines

Some Central Presbyterian Beliefs

  1. God is the Sovereign Lord and the ruler of all things. All humankind finds fulfillment in Him.

  2. Regrettably, people have failed to follow God’s way and have rejected God’s will. Our rebellion is known as sin which separates us from God and from others.

  3. The life and teaching of Jesus Christ provide the model for expressing the love of God for ourselves and all people in our lives.

  4. Christ is God as Redeemer who has freed us from our bondage to sin and has made it possible for each of us to be reconciled with God and our neighbour. We can become part of the family of God and begin to express in our lives and our relationships with others, something of God’s purpose for us.

  5. God expects His people to express their faith in their daily lives. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, all aspects of living are to reflect God’s will as revealed in the Scriptures.

  6. God expects us to use all the intellectual and emotional gifts that we have in applying the message of the Bible in our daily lives.