The church consists of families and individuals just like you, who gather together for worship, service and fellowship. The session is responsible for admission to membership. This requires a declaration of faith, or a letter of commendation from your former congregation, or a reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ.

Local Government

Then you become a part of a visible community of faith. You take your place among other believing and caring people.


You, as a member may participate from time to time in the election of elders. The session is made up of members who are ordained as Ruling Elders. The session has responsibility for the oversight of your local congregation. The minister is the moderator of session and presides at its meetings.


A Minister is called by your church as your spiritual guide and leader. He or she is under the pastoral care of a Presbytery. As a member, you may vote in the calling of a minister.


You minister is a member of Presbytery and an elder is your representative to Presbytery. Presbyteries cover a specific geographic area. The work of Presbytery includes oversight of the congregations within its bounds and debating matters of concern to the whole church. All major matters must be passed by a 2/3 majority of Presbyteries before General Assembly can enact legislation. This provides a safety control to protect the church from hasty decisions.


A Synod is an assembly made up of a regional grouping of Presbyteries. Your congregation or pastoral charge is represented by your minister and one elder.

General Assembly

This is a national gathering of church representatives. An equal number of ministers and elders attend as commissioners from Presbytery. These change from year to year as 1/6th of the ministers attend in rotation. The agencies and boards of the church are accountable to this national assembly.