We believe that Jesus Christ is the way of true life for all people. His life, death and resurrection are the fullest expression of God’s gracious love for every human and for all creation.

We believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as the written word of God, testify to Jesus Christ the Living Word.

We believe that God has spoken through the Bible in a unique way to humankind. One may find there instruction and guidance for all our relationships with God and our neighbour.

We believe that the Bible teaches principally what humanity is to believe about God, that He reaches out in compassion to us, and that we are to respond to His loving concern.

We believe that the Bible is not an encyclopedia of technical information on all matters, but is the record of God’s continual care and concern for His people.

We believe that the Spirit of God does speak to an open and enquiring person through the Bible. Those who do not hear God speak in the Scriptures cannot adequately know God from any other source.

We acknowledge our historic continuity with those who believe the Bible is the written Word of God.