The Presbyterian Church in Canada serves people in many different ways from coast to coast.

Presbyterians on any Sunday depending on location, can attend services in French, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, Hindustani, Arabic and Ukrainian. In addition, we work with Canada’s native peoples in several locations.

Many smaller congregations are subsidized because their work is important. Aid is also granted to new churches beginning their work on the growing edges of our cities.

Special ministries are supported by the Presbyterian Church. We support workers in the fields of hospital visitation, inner city work, ministry to the terminally ill, disadvantaged youth, single parents, correctional facilities and universities.

Our mandate includes educating church leaders and teachers, teaching in theological colleges, chaplaincy in hospital and health services, chaplaincy in Armed Forces. In addition, we prepare resources for the use of congregations in education and leader development. These are but a few of the areas of service we carry out in the name of Christ.

Overseas, we participate in mission with the churches of India, Taiwan, Guyana, Japan, Nigeria and Malawi, with which we have had a lengthy association, and more recently with churches in Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Lesotho, Mauritius, Cameroon and Afghanistan.

Individual members of congregations make this work possible through their regular offerings to the work of General Assembly, which is the central governing body of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.